Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Wintry Day

This post is a day late, but we can blame that on a malfunctioning mouse.

Today I awake to a very cold day. Weather.com stated that it felt like -6F outside. I decided to see just how cold that was, and put out a bowl of liquid on the porch. I came back just over an hour later, and it was frozen. It did not seem like a very good day to get out and go anywhere.

I wanted to go an support a friend of mine who was having a hearing for unlawful foreclosure on his home. I wanted to go and get the details of his situation, and help him however I could, but I literally did not get past my driveway.

I also had plans to go to the thrift store and go shopping for some Christmas items, but when we called we discovered that they were closed due to their parking lot being an ice rink.

Realizing that today was not going to go as planned, I decided to take it in stride and just go with the flow.

My husband and children made themselves busy reorganizing the house, and sorting laundry. I worked some more on the Christmas presents I already was working on, had some hot chocolate, and tried not to think about my long to do list that would just have to wait.

The children started their math game and worked through measurements and rebuilding broken windows and doors. They also played some educational games on www.PBSKids.org Then they went and had reading time and then started on their own Christmas crafts and presents. This is going to be our most homemade Christmas yet. It has been fun so far.

I spent some time on Facebook, and moderating www.LDSFreedomForum.com And I am still pondering my next article for www.LDSFreemen.com

In the evening we had Family Home Evening. Our lesson was on the Holy Ghost and the different roles that he has in our lives. He can reveal truth to us, warn us of danger, comfort us and guide us. We sang "I love to see the Temple" and "I am a Child of God". It was a very simple FHE, but we got everyone to bed earlier like we wanted so that Aaron and I could work side by side and chat while the children were sleeping, or 'having a hard time going to sleep' as a couple of our little darlings decided to share a few times before they finally went to sleep.

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Clay said...

Sounds like you have a good family life. I admire how you sit down with your family and discuss important things.