Saturday, December 27, 2008

Rains came down and the floods came up

Today this is what my backyard looked like. The rain was so intense that it looked like it was fog filling in all empty space in the back yard.

And here is what it looked like a few minutes later, when the rain let up just a little bit. A big puddle! I cannot imagine what our old place must look like right now. It flooded a lot more then this every time it rained this year.

In fact, here are some pictures from our old place.

This weather did have some benefits tho, we got more produce from our garden.

Previous to this, as many of those in Springfield will recall, we had severe ice storms, and those ended up being a blessing for us too. We really wanted a garden spot for the next season, and the ice storm removed all of our trees for us. :)

As crazy as the weather can be, every time, it has ended up being a blessing. Right now we realized one blessing already from witnessing today's rain. We are going to need better trenches around our garden space and raised beds are a must. And as simple as it may seem, acknowledging the Lord in everything, especially our blessings, brings us even more happiness and joy.

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