Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Charity's Angels Reborn Doll Nursery Presents Lily

Charity's Angels Life Like Reborn Dolls
The newest addition to Charity's Angels Nursery has arrived......

Presenting Lily
5lbs 4oz  ~ 18" Long
Reborn December 23, 2011

A lot of love, time and patience has gone into creating this exquisitely unique and realistic baby.

Lily is a beautiful newborn girl created by Charity Angel. Her true-to-life coloring was achieved using permanent Genesis heat set paints in many, many ultra-thin layers. Each translucent layer of paint was permanently heat set to give her the beautiful realistic skin texture. Lily has adorable blue eyes, and premium medium brown micro-rooted hair. While micro-rooting by hand takes a great deal of time, it results in the most realist looking newborn hair. True to life, She is such a gorgeous baby girl. Lily started out as an adorable  "Muffin" kit by Renowned Master Artist Donna RuBert.

Every roll and crease on Lily's face and limbs has been carefully painted with tiny translucent veins and capillaries, multiple skin tone layers, newborn mottling, detailed creasing and delicate blushing of a newborn baby. From head to tiny toes she is covered with loving detail and her coloring is simply amazing. Lily's well proportioned body, head and limbs have been filled and weighted with fine glass beads and finished off with soft premium fiber fill. Matilda has gorgeous 3/4 arms and legs which look so very realistic and she has a soft jointed doe suede body which makes her very cuddly and easy to pose. Because of this, Lily can wear almost anything you would like to dress her in. 

Careful attention has been paid to every detail. Realistic veining can be found on every limb and all over her head. She comes with a purple pacifier and little pink sleeper with teddy bears on it that she is wearing in some of these photos. Lily does have a natural baby powder scent. Her hair has been conditioned with special conditioner that has created this effect. She also comes wearing her own diaper and onesie, as well as a couple more outfits. All of the props that have been used are not included.

Lily has been given very realistic looking tears. Her pouting lip and sad expression cause many to want to pick her up and mother her. This pink sleeper that is included is made by Carter's, and is as soft as can be. The beautiful frilly headband is also included. Lily  feels so incredibly real when you pick her up, you won't want to put her down. She will snuggle perfectly into your shoulder or arms as if she wants to stay there forever! Her head is heavy and floppy so please remember to gently support her little head, just like you would with a real newborn. 

Within Lily's chest is a battery operated heart that will beat when it is pressed. This is another special feature that she has been given to make her look and feel more realistic. Her body design creates the look and feel of a newborn. She has real top eyelashes, and hand painted eyebrows. She has top quality mohair, which has been micro-rooted into her scalp then glued with waterproof glue from the inside so her hair can be lightly dampened and styled. Lily's hair has been worked into a crown just like a real baby. You will have so much fun styling and playing with her soft head of hair!

Lily comes with this cute white bear ear hat, that looks so adorable with her pink Carter's sleeper. She has two onesies. One is pictured below, and the other that she is wearing says 'Little Sister' on it. She has her own custom bib and burp cloth with her name embroidered on it. She is already wearing a newborn diaper and comes with one purple pacifier. She does have a magnet installed on the right side of her head for any future hair accessories that you want to use on baby Lily.

This beautiful pink tutu outfit is also  included. It comes with little socks that look like tiny ballet shoes. The headband matches the fabric perfectly, and the top says "Snow Angel".

In addition to what is pictured below, Lily also comes with the pink bear sleeper, a purple pacifier, and additional onesie, the disposable diaper that she is already wearing and a lot of love. 

Pink frilly head band, ballet shoe socks, custom bib and burb cloth, white bear ears hat, I love mommy hat, ballet outfit, mommy onesie.

Lily is ready for adoption. Once she is adopted, she will come with a custom birth certificate on quality paper. If you are interested in Lily, or want to have a custom reborn doll created, feel free to contact Charity Angel. Her dolls are sold on eBay as well as privately. Lily's opening bid amount will be $199.99 which is far below the average price for a true to life doll like Lily. Shipping will include insurance and delivery confirmation.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day: 176 Discovering The Silver Lining

"Every cloud has a silver lining," is a very common statement that we hear quite often from others when we are going through a dark and difficult time in our lives.

Another great statement that goes along with this is:

 "Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good, if ye walk uprightly and remember the covenant wherewith ye have covenanted one with another."

No one is immune from hardship or trials in this life. We will all face challenges. No matter what those challenges are, they are difficult at times for the individual to go through. There is no reason to compare our challenges with others, or try to judge if they are dealing with it better than we are. All challenges are perfectly designed for those who are going through them. 

Because there will always be opposition in all things, we must have trials in order to appreciate the good. When we face trials with the right attitude we grow and develop as we use the character that we have built before going through it.

Life is all about perspective. No one that I know looks at life through a positive perspective all the time, but if we did, we could have less things hedge our way. When it appears that our life is starting to be filled with dark stormy clouds, then that is the time to look for the silver lining, or the light. If we focus on the light, or the positive things that we can learn or gain from our experiences, they pass more quickly. BY going through this process, we gain faith and experience. 

As this trial has begun to fade, like the sun at dusk, I cannot help but reflect on the lessons that our entire family has learned through this experience. While I know that there will be more trials ahead, I also have gained a new way of looking at them.

I still have moments where I struggle with fear and the natural man from time to time, but I am starting to understand what it really means to turn to God in all things. I have seen a great deal how everything is turned for my good. Even when others have made choice that could have been devastating, I watched the hand of the Lord guide me to other solutions and He comforted me.

I think that the Lord does use those around us to fulfill his purposes, but through this experience, I have also learned that I did not turn to Him as much as I thought I did. I would turn to others before hitting my knees. While that can still happen, I have turned to Him first a lot more through this experience. I have been able to relax and trust in His plan for my life more. I am sure that this process takes a lifetime or more to truly refine, but I can see the benefits of doing it so much more clearly now. 

In order to keep focus on the light, and maintain that hope, I have found that we must be praying. We must be reading the Word of God every day. And not just once a day. There are so many things that so many people are going through all of the time. A lot of people are losing hope, they want to give up, and just quit. I have had those days too. I really do not think that anyone is immune to that feeling in these Last Days, however, I also feel that we all have access to the antidote. And because it is so simple, we may miss it. When our problems feel so overwhelming, intense, and complex, it can be easy to think the answer must be large and complex too. But, like the brazen serpent, it is not. In that time, all they needed to do was LOOK to be healed. It is the same in our day, we need to LOOK to God first, and we can be healed, comforted, strengthened, and find direction. Many of us do not do it because it seems too easy to really be the solution. I testify that it is. There is no other way to find true joy in this life than to turn to Christ. He truly is the Way, the Truth and the Light.

In addition to the blessings I have already listed, I am going to list a few of the blessings that we have enjoyed since my last post.

Counting Blessings

  • Our family has grown closer through our trials to each other and the Lord.
  • We were given a Queen bed and no longer have to sleep on a full.
  • The children were each given $100 to buy winter clothing.
  • We were given food for Thanksgiving.
  • I sang in the Tabernacle on Temple Square in Salt Lake City as a member of the Millennial Choir. I made new friends and shared the same stage as Lex De Azevedo (composer and conductor of 'Gloria'), George Dyer, Gregory Pearson, Catherine Hyde Straumbaugh, Melinda Lockwood Debirk and many talented musicians.
  • I developed better relationships with my extended family, as they supported our family through trials, rehearsals, and performances.
  • Got to sing with our Church Choir.
  • Was accepted to the college I wanted to attend to get a BA in Music. (Vocal Performance)
  • Received help in many ways, from many different people. 
  • Was able to serve others a lot more, and feel like I could make a difference by just listening.
  • Increased my business income through sales and new contract work.
  • I was able to get the medical care I needed, and recover relatively shortly. Had a lot of family and friends that helped in the moment I really needed it.
  • Found things I could work on within myself while attending a class at church.
  • I have had help around the house once a week again.
  • Grown new friendships and created new ones with people at church.
  • Was present at all the events that my children wanted me to attend.
  • I have been able to express my thoughts and feelings more openly with people that have gained my trust. 
  • I have focused more on what I can change about myself rather than wanting to change others or their decisions.
  • I have gained new insights and perspectives.
  • I have realized that even during these hard times, I am still rich.
  • My children have lengthened their prayers, have much longer lists of things they are thankful for, and have been asking for others to be blessed more than things that they want.

There are many more blessings, and I am striving to acknowledge them to God each day.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 84: Praising Through The Storm

Anyone who has lived life long enough knows that there will always be storms in life. There is no such thing as achieving the perfect life. Everyone experiences trials, tribulations and afflictions. What we can decide, is how we are going to respond to these times of trials and heartache.

Pondering a lot on the natural man, and what that is, I have noticed that it is natural to get depressed, to feel down, to get angry, and to think of just yourself first. If you want to be something more than just the natural man, then you need to conquer the natural man. In order to do that, you need to think about the way that you are responding to those experiences in life that come to you on their own, or that you bring upon yourself.

For me, it is important to focus on the blessings and maintain my hope. Since I am still working from my home office, managing all the finances, trying to delegate the responsibilities within the home, helping all four children with their homework, maintaining personal relationships with them, and fulfilling callings at church, and dealing with my own health issues, I must keep my heart and head in the right place.

I have found that the best way to do this, is to count my blessings, to praise God through the storms. I have learned from experience, that it is through the trials, that I gain blessings. The rain that falls upon us, is used for our good. This is how God has always had a hand in my life. Tribulation is not anything new.

Many people will learn about my life, and they will be amazed that I have 'turned out' the way I have. They say that they would have given up a long time ago. This is my secret. I turn to God in my trials. I did not use to do this, there was a time that I blamed him for the choices of others, and I did not understand why he did not intervene and save me. I went through a time of anger. But then, I came to realize that the free will that we have all been given is a gift. One that God is not going to rob from us. And because our choices can affect us in a negative way, as well as the choices of others, he also offers us the blessings that come from experience as well as tender mercies to help us get through those times.

If you want to make it through a tough time, you need to praise God for the blessings that you have already. The air you breath, the heart beating in your chest, the smell of flowers, the beautiful world around you, the smile of a friend, a hug when you need. In all things praise Him, and you will begin to see your life change. Your perspective changes. Your trials become an opportunity to prove that your faith is unshaken, that you will be patient and submissive like a child. We work as if it all depends on us, and pray like it all depends on God. We believe that the answers will come, and they do.

Recent Blessings That I Want To Acknowledge

*I auditioned for "Gloria" by Lex De Azevedo, that will be performed in the Tabernacle on Temple Square the week of Thanksgiving for the annual lighting of the Christmas lights, and I was accepted; fulfilling two dreams of mine.
*I was able to sing in a choir for Stake Conference.
*I was able to sing with my oldest daughter for another session of Stake Conference.
*I was extended a calling.
*Our son was called to be the second counselor in the Deacon's Quorum, I was able to attend when they set him apart.
*I have been able to take a new class at church that I enjoy.
*Every time I have needed money, an answer has come. 
*I have been able to pay more in Tithes and Offerings (because of financial blessings).
*I was able to have gifts for our youngest's birthday, and for the Twins' birthday as well.
*One of my clients changed their payment method, so that I can get paid as often as I want instead of only once a month, and they started it just two days before I needed some extra cash before the regular payday.
*It has rained enough that I have not had to water the lawn.
*I found an online co-op where I can get fresh fruits and vegetables for a lot less, as well as multi-grain breads and tortillas.
*My websites have had unexpected sales.
*My cat, Lady Augustine, has had a huge increase in Facebook fans. Which has the potential for future marketing ideas to blossom.
*I was able to create an entire chore chart, time together, and homework system for our family to function better.
*I am doing less housework because my children are more motivated to help. They earn movie time, game time, and once every two months a larger family activity.
*We have been able to have scripture and prayer every morning, and Family Home Evening every week.
*I was complimented by a professional vocal artist that I admire for my singing.
*I was able to attend my sister's wedding and reception.
*I was able to give her and her husband the gift that they really wanted.
*A friend made some clothing for the children that they had been wanting.
*A friend from church brought over so many bags of clothing for the children, that we did not have to buy any school clothes.
*I was able to buy all that the kids needed for school for the first time in years before school ever started.
*The atmosphere of our home is more loving, united and peaceful.
*I am experiencing more progress with my personal healing.
*When it is needed, there has been money for gas.
*When my unexpected medical bills came up, I had the cash to pay for it.
*My infection is gone.
*After the second surgery, I had no pain after a couple hours.
*I had a great experience in the temple, that was witnessed to in stake conference as well that has given me more direction in my life.
*The amount of disagreements has gone down significantly between all family members.
*We were able to help several different extended family members when they needed it, in many different ways.
*We have been able to make new friends.
*I have gotten small bonuses from a company that I market for because of timing issues that they had.
*I have gotten products that I use for a discounted price.
*I won a gift card to Kneaders.
*I was given keywords for one of my sites from a friend who had done hours of research for free.
*I was able to get a carpet cleaner, which saves money on the rental or paying someone else to do it.
*My children are more grateful for all that I do.

There are many more blessings that have occurred since the last post. I hope to manage time in a way that I can post them more often. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We Need Your Help Right Now

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 30: Every Flower Has To Get Through A Lot Of Dirt

Whether you compare life to a refiner's fire or the struggle that each seed goes through in order to blossom, it is clear that the beauty is in the struggle. I have long realized that it is not the destination, but how we take the journey that really matters.

Attitude is everything. What we think about we bring about. No matter what trials I am facing, I am working on seeing the positive, as well as finding solutions. I have moments where I want to just give up, but it really is not an option. So, I continue to work towards different goals that help me improve myself.

Something that has helped during this time has been prayer and reading the scriptures. It really helps keep life in perspective.

*When getting the battery replaced, the technician pointed out something that would need done to pass safety this month, and I was able to take care of that too.

*I got some unexpected royalties deposited into my account.
*One of my clients increased the pay rate per article to double what it was.
*It rained, which made it possible for us to not need to water the garden, and the children did not have to go and do their watering jobs for neighbors.
*I still have the help of the cleaning lady the rest of this month.
*I got to spend time with the kids.
*I got to make meals that we enjoyed together.

*I was given chocolate.
*We have not gone hungry.
*The gas bill was the lowest ever.
*My youngest son got a blessing when he needed it.
*Looked at a house, had fun talking about it.
*Everyone thanked me for the work I put into dinner last night.
*I was sent an invitation to a call for a coaching program for women. And will be given the chance to win free tuition if I attend the intro conference call. I have been wanting to go this direction, and welcome the opportunity.

There were many more blessings that we have had the last few days. I am grateful for them all. I know that in the long run, we will be more blessed through these trials, if we keep the faith, and use it to become closer as a family.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freedom Requires Faith

Freedom Requires Faith

“The founders who established this nation believed in God and in the existence of moral absolutes—right and wrong—established by this Ultimate Law-giver. The Constitution they established assumed and relied on morality in the actions of its citizens. Where did that morality come from and how was it to be retained? Belief in God and the consequent reality of right and wrong was taught by religious leaders in churches and synagogues, and the founders gave us the First Amendment to preserve that foundation for the Constitution.”
- Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, February 2011 An address given at Chapman University School of Law.

I often think about my ancestors when I listen to the song “Faith of Our Fathers.” I think about the struggles that my pioneer ancestors went through in order to have religious liberty, at a time when it was not protected in the United States. I also contemplate the founding of this nation, and the many different Christian sects to which my ancestors belonged, and came here from across the sea to be able to freely practice. I also find that my mind wanders to the faith of our Heavenly Father, when He sent His son, that we may be able to return to Him someday, and the principles that He has taught us through prophets throughout the World’s history. Is the faith of our fathers living still? I say it is, however, it is under attack.

Many in The United States have turned their backs on the very faith that was the main motivator at the founding of our nation and have embraced the idea that there is no place for God in the public square, only the thoughts and philosophies of learned men. They deny the source of all intelligence, and want to silence anyone who would speak on the basis of religious or moral law. They claim that faith has no place in politics, society, or in legislation. They demand that those who are religious remain silent and keep their conversation in the church, behind the pulpit, and not on the public street. Those who seek to do this trample on the God-given rights that have been granted to every single human being. They have ignored the rights of religious liberty, free speech and peaceful assembly. They deny the faith of their fathers.

Many people will say that the Founders were Deists which did not believe in Jesus Christ, however, the very establishment of this nation is founded upon those who believed in the Bible, and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It was common knowledge at the time, that everything came from our Creator, and that all needed the blessings of Providence.

"God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever..."- Thomas Jefferson

Maryland, by its very name reveals that those who established it were Catholics. Connecticut was founded by the Puritans and the Anglican, Lutheran and the Reformed Dutch also gathered there. Pennsylvania had the Amish, Mennonite, Moravian, Quaker and Lutheran Christian sects. Many of the inhabitants of the thirteen colonies came for religious freedom and no other reason.

Removing the faith of our fathers will bring about the very destruction of our nation. The principles of Jesus Christ and moral standards are what made America prosperous, powerful and peaceful.

”And this cometh unto you, O ye Gentiles, that ye may know the decrees of God—that ye may repent, and not continue in your iniquities until the fulness come, that ye may not bring down the fulness of the wrath of God upon you as the inhabitants of the land have hitherto done.
Behold, this is a choice land, and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall be free from bondage, and from captivity, and from all other nations under heaven, if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ, who hath been manifested by the things which we have written.” -Ether 2 11-12

Will we be true to the faith of our fathers? Will we protect the right of religious freedom? Will we be a free people? When Christ returns, will He find a people that know Him, who He is, and have fulfilled His desires when it comes to The U.S. Constitution and laws that are in alignment with it?

The answers to those questions are within you and you alone. It is a choice that each and every one of us will have to make. When each of us, as individuals, stand united together for the right of all people of any faith to live their religion, to be part of the public discussion and offer their input and perspectives, we not only gain the respect of those who are of different religious persuasions that may believe differently than we do, but we also will gain the blessings that come from being obedient to God. In this case, as mentioned in D&C 38:22 we are promised that if we follow Christ, we will be a free people. He tells us that we shall have no laws but His laws when He comes. Can we deny the faith of our fathers and still be prepared to accept the Lord when He comes? We cannot. Without the foundation of moral and religious standards, we will lose our liberty. Without liberty, we cannot practice our religion. If we cannot practice it, then we lose the blessings that come from doing so.

“Wherefore, hear my voice and follow me, and you shall be a free people, and ye shall have no laws but my laws when I come, for I am your lawgiver, and what can stay my hand?” -D&C 38:22

We must stand up not only for ourselves and our posterity, but also for our neighbors. We must defend the freedom of religious choice for every individual regardless of whether they are Christian or not. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the first principle of the Gospel and religious liberty is mentioned in the first amendment of the Bill of Rights for a reason. Without it, we will not prosper.

“Have mercy, O Lord, upon all the nations of the earth; have mercy upon the rulers of our land; may those principles, which were so honorably and nobly defended, namely, the Constitution of our land, by our fathers, be established forever.” –D8C 109:54

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Private Online Help For Sexual Addiction Recovery

Harms of Pornography, and Overcoming them

After many years of conducting therapy in their clinics, Candéo’s creators were frustrated by the fact that until they are “caught” or hit rock-bottom, most people will not seek help for pornography addiction or sexual addiction. They also noticed that even those who did come forward, struggled to maintain their initial recovery success for any significant period of time. To address these deeply concerning issues, Candéo was designed to offer a safe, professional and anonymous gateway to getting the change process started and then maintaining progress towards long-term, lasting change.

Imagine what it would be like to begin the process of changing your unwanted behaviors right here, right now—online. Imagine it would cost you less than $50 a month, for 24/7 access to an online recovery community, a live personal coach, and brain-science-based change techniques. Finally, imagine that the program is available anywhere in the world and that it targets difficult-to-change sexual behaviors like—pornography
addiction, constant casual sexual encounters, compulsive masturbation, strained intimate relationships, and other out-of-control, unwanted sexual behaviors.

Sound like the resource you’ve been waiting for? Pioneers in psychology, neuroscience and web technology have joined forces to create a behavioral change tool called Candéo (pronounced Can-day-oh). Candéo is an online behavioral change technology designed to deliver cutting-edge strategies for changing unwanted behaviors—all in the privacy and comfort of the individual’s own home.

How is it done? An engaging and interactive online platform provides individuals with the constant activation and reinforcement the brain needs to break old patterns and replace them with new modes of behavior. This process is carefully structured and designed to work hand-in-hand with traditional counseling and group meetings, or as a stand-alone program.

For details on how the Candéo program can work for you or for someone you love in overcoming unwanted sexual behaviors, visit

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Redemption Project with Drew Reese

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in the choir for Drew Reese's latest CD project "Redemption".  I really loved all of the songs on the album.  Here are some preview clips.  I am sure those of you who listen to my music can still hear my voice in the choir on some of the tracks.  It is awesome, and it praises the glory of God.  Check out Drew Reese's Album Redemption! (may take a moment for player to load below)


Redemption is a worship album that has been 2 years in the making, for Drew Reese, this project is a labor of love. Redemption captures a glimpse of the last decade for Drew. "Worship has become such a central part of my life, and these songs are an offering of praise to our God," says Reese.

Songs include the song "Awakening" first made popular at Passion 2010 in Atlanta, GA. Others include Facedown, 23rd Psalm, Only You and the new worship song "The Doxology"

Redemption marks a turning point in Drew Reese's music ministry. This album is an offering that is sure to become a favorite of yours.

When you purchase the album in Pre-sale you will be shipped the album towards the end of February, but on 2.8.11 you will be emailed a download code to download the entire album in this highest quality format you desire!!!!!

So you get both a digital version as well as they physical CD!


released 08 February 2011
Produced by Drew Reese
Associate Producer: Jen Marco Handy


The first time that I found Drew Reese's music was when I was living in Missouri, and I was going through a tough time.  I listened to him quite a bit, and then I saw him on the News in Utah when I was here for a visit with family.  I was planning on running for office at that time, and he offered to come out and perform for a fundraiser for me.  While my life took a very sharp turn at that time, and my path did not do that way, I have never forgotten his willingness to come out and do that for my campaign.  It is my pleasure to have helped him with his project "Redemption." I love Contemporary Christian music, and I really truly love the spirit that comes with each song on this project.  I hope that you will take the time to listen to it, and grab your own copy right now! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Liberty of Forgiveness

 “I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.” D&C 64:10

“Age does something to a man. It seems to make him more aware of the need for kindness and goodness and forbearance. He wishes and prays that men might live together in peace without war and contention, argument and conflict. He grows increasingly aware of the meaning of the great Atonement of the Redeemer, of the depth of His sacrifice, and of gratitude to the Son of God, who gave His life that we might live.
I wish today to speak of forgiveness. I think it may be the greatest virtue on earth, and certainly the most needed. There is so much of meanness and abuse, of intolerance and hatred. There is so great a need for repentance and forgiveness. It is the great principle emphasized in all of scripture, both ancient and modern.”
President Gordon B. Hinckley (Oct 2005)
To forgive is to “cease to feel resentment against an enemy or a claim to requital for insult.”  When it is put into this context, it seems so much simpler to forgive.  We determine to let go of any feelings of resentment or of a belief that we have a right to be compensated or to have some form of retaliation take place to make things right.  We determine that we are going to give this burden of pain, sorrow, anguish or even loss to who it belongs to, to the One who paid for it already, on His knees, on a mount full of olive trees.
When we do not forgive ourselves or others, we are denying the sacrifice of Jesus Christ we are saying that He has not paid enough for the sins of the one we refuse to forgive.  We are denying the atonement and taking upon their sins and ours upon ourselves.
“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”  Ephesians 4:32

Our Father in Heaven forgives us based upon the life and sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ, upon His merit, and not our own.  Because of the high cost of this sacrifice, we should be much tenderer with one another, and forgiving, because He has already paid the price of what has occurred, what is presently occurring and what will yet occur.  Forgiving does not mean that we forget the lessons that can be learned, including when to withhold trust, but it means to give that burden away so that its chains of bitterness, pain and sorrow cannot hold you.

When we forgive others we are truly free.  We are free to love more, to see each other as Christ sees us, and to develop a better relationship with Christ.  When we acknowledge that He has given all and paid for all, we come to know Him and love Him.  We heed his call that beckons us to come unto Him, all of us who are heavy laden, and He will give us rest.  Rest, from the burden and stress from carrying the sins of others and ourselves that He already offered to carry for us.  When we accomplish this, we can feel his enveloping love as He says to each of us,
“Verily, verily, I say unto you, my servants, that inasmuch as you have forgiven one another your trespasses, even so I, the Lord, forgive you.” D&C 82:1

“Behold, your sins are forgiven you; you are clean before me; therefore, lift up your heads and rejoice.” D&C 110:5

To read other great articles like this one, visit