Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 30: Every Flower Has To Get Through A Lot Of Dirt

Whether you compare life to a refiner's fire or the struggle that each seed goes through in order to blossom, it is clear that the beauty is in the struggle. I have long realized that it is not the destination, but how we take the journey that really matters.

Attitude is everything. What we think about we bring about. No matter what trials I am facing, I am working on seeing the positive, as well as finding solutions. I have moments where I want to just give up, but it really is not an option. So, I continue to work towards different goals that help me improve myself.

Something that has helped during this time has been prayer and reading the scriptures. It really helps keep life in perspective.

*When getting the battery replaced, the technician pointed out something that would need done to pass safety this month, and I was able to take care of that too.

*I got some unexpected royalties deposited into my account.
*One of my clients increased the pay rate per article to double what it was.
*It rained, which made it possible for us to not need to water the garden, and the children did not have to go and do their watering jobs for neighbors.
*I still have the help of the cleaning lady the rest of this month.
*I got to spend time with the kids.
*I got to make meals that we enjoyed together.

*I was given chocolate.
*We have not gone hungry.
*The gas bill was the lowest ever.
*My youngest son got a blessing when he needed it.
*Looked at a house, had fun talking about it.
*Everyone thanked me for the work I put into dinner last night.
*I was sent an invitation to a call for a coaching program for women. And will be given the chance to win free tuition if I attend the intro conference call. I have been wanting to go this direction, and welcome the opportunity.

There were many more blessings that we have had the last few days. I am grateful for them all. I know that in the long run, we will be more blessed through these trials, if we keep the faith, and use it to become closer as a family.

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