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Tears were streaming down my face as I knelt in the dark storage room. I could feel the cold, hard concrete through my thin and faded blue jeans as I dug my hand into a nearby wooden shelf and vocally cried out to God to please save me from the pain that I was experiencing. I argued that it was not fair to have to go through all this and that I am not as strong as he thinks I am. My heart was aching, and there didn’t seem to be any way to console myself. My emotional burdens felt as if they were going to completely crush me by their sheer weight. I was shocked at the intensity in which my body continually heaved with each heartfelt sob. I had been through tough things, but nothing that shook me to the core as much as this did. A million questions went through my mind. “Did I make a mistake? Is there something else that I could have done? What could I possibly do?”

What Lies in Your Journey?

By Charity Angel

"What Lies in Your Journey?" is a booklet that is meant to be read in one sitting. It focuses on the lies within each of us that we have accepted as truths that limit us from reaching our full potential. 

It utilizes real life situations and experiences to show how people can believe that they are trapped, have no choices left, as well as other limiting thinking behaviors and beliefs. By the end of the booklet, most people find that they have gained new insight on themselves and the power that they have within them to change and progress. 

Those who have read the booklet have described it as "Life Changing." It is available on iTunes , LuLu and the Amazon Market Place in digital format. The paperback can be purchased here.

Just Released! "Mending Angel's Wings"

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Angelica is aware that it is time for her to set out on her own. She must discover the purpose of her journey. She is seeking for the man that will be equal to her in all things. She has been given her sprit guide Comfort, and her inner voice as tools to help her connect with the Creator and discover what her purpose is. Travel with Angelica as she journey's through the woods of life. Through trials, tribulation and temptation, the question remains, will she make it?


"It's Not Your Fault"
A children's book, illustrated by Morgan Alleman