Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Charity's Angels Reborn Doll Nursery Presents Lily

Charity's Angels Life Like Reborn Dolls
The newest addition to Charity's Angels Nursery has arrived......

Presenting Lily
5lbs 4oz  ~ 18" Long
Reborn December 23, 2011

A lot of love, time and patience has gone into creating this exquisitely unique and realistic baby.

Lily is a beautiful newborn girl created by Charity Angel. Her true-to-life coloring was achieved using permanent Genesis heat set paints in many, many ultra-thin layers. Each translucent layer of paint was permanently heat set to give her the beautiful realistic skin texture. Lily has adorable blue eyes, and premium medium brown micro-rooted hair. While micro-rooting by hand takes a great deal of time, it results in the most realist looking newborn hair. True to life, She is such a gorgeous baby girl. Lily started out as an adorable  "Muffin" kit by Renowned Master Artist Donna RuBert.

Every roll and crease on Lily's face and limbs has been carefully painted with tiny translucent veins and capillaries, multiple skin tone layers, newborn mottling, detailed creasing and delicate blushing of a newborn baby. From head to tiny toes she is covered with loving detail and her coloring is simply amazing. Lily's well proportioned body, head and limbs have been filled and weighted with fine glass beads and finished off with soft premium fiber fill. Matilda has gorgeous 3/4 arms and legs which look so very realistic and she has a soft jointed doe suede body which makes her very cuddly and easy to pose. Because of this, Lily can wear almost anything you would like to dress her in. 

Careful attention has been paid to every detail. Realistic veining can be found on every limb and all over her head. She comes with a purple pacifier and little pink sleeper with teddy bears on it that she is wearing in some of these photos. Lily does have a natural baby powder scent. Her hair has been conditioned with special conditioner that has created this effect. She also comes wearing her own diaper and onesie, as well as a couple more outfits. All of the props that have been used are not included.

Lily has been given very realistic looking tears. Her pouting lip and sad expression cause many to want to pick her up and mother her. This pink sleeper that is included is made by Carter's, and is as soft as can be. The beautiful frilly headband is also included. Lily  feels so incredibly real when you pick her up, you won't want to put her down. She will snuggle perfectly into your shoulder or arms as if she wants to stay there forever! Her head is heavy and floppy so please remember to gently support her little head, just like you would with a real newborn. 

Within Lily's chest is a battery operated heart that will beat when it is pressed. This is another special feature that she has been given to make her look and feel more realistic. Her body design creates the look and feel of a newborn. She has real top eyelashes, and hand painted eyebrows. She has top quality mohair, which has been micro-rooted into her scalp then glued with waterproof glue from the inside so her hair can be lightly dampened and styled. Lily's hair has been worked into a crown just like a real baby. You will have so much fun styling and playing with her soft head of hair!

Lily comes with this cute white bear ear hat, that looks so adorable with her pink Carter's sleeper. She has two onesies. One is pictured below, and the other that she is wearing says 'Little Sister' on it. She has her own custom bib and burp cloth with her name embroidered on it. She is already wearing a newborn diaper and comes with one purple pacifier. She does have a magnet installed on the right side of her head for any future hair accessories that you want to use on baby Lily.

This beautiful pink tutu outfit is also  included. It comes with little socks that look like tiny ballet shoes. The headband matches the fabric perfectly, and the top says "Snow Angel".

In addition to what is pictured below, Lily also comes with the pink bear sleeper, a purple pacifier, and additional onesie, the disposable diaper that she is already wearing and a lot of love. 

Pink frilly head band, ballet shoe socks, custom bib and burb cloth, white bear ears hat, I love mommy hat, ballet outfit, mommy onesie.

Lily is ready for adoption. Once she is adopted, she will come with a custom birth certificate on quality paper. If you are interested in Lily, or want to have a custom reborn doll created, feel free to contact Charity Angel. Her dolls are sold on eBay as well as privately. Lily's opening bid amount will be $199.99 which is far below the average price for a true to life doll like Lily. Shipping will include insurance and delivery confirmation.

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