Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All in a Days Work

This is one of the many Christmas pictures we took today.

And it was a long day for pictures that is for sure! My digital camera died after taking about 8 pictures, and so I had to switch to my camcorder to get any pictures. We tried 5 times to take pictures with the camera that would delete them as soon as I went to upload them. We had to take a short break because everyone was unhappy with mom, but we eventually got something worth giving to our family members that are far away this year.

After our classes this morning, we decided that we better get these taken care of and also decided that we are giving our family extended family members coupons this year. We are offering to make either a scarf or a hat whichever they choose, in one of three colors of their choice. All the children can make these items, and so when the coupon comes in, whoever wants to do it will and we will send it to each family member that wants one.

Yesterday, was also a very busy day. I went to the Young Conservatives meeting that is hosted by Vincent David Jericho. Since it was a private meeting and they did not want any media there, I will not mention much about it other then the food was good and the topics were interesting. I enjoyed meeting new people as well as getting to socialize with good friends. I know that I am probably one of the few that has the position on capital punishment that I do, but I will still maintain it. And my position is that it is a life issue. I feel that all life is of value, and that we should not practice capital punishment at all. I do not trust the Federal Government to really make the decision of whether or not someone's life should end. I also feel that we cannot know whether or not someone can change, and I believe that they need to have the opportunity to repent, and I would not want it on my conscience to have cut their life short when they would have eventually done so. If we look at the Bible, Saul eventually repented and became Paul. I cannot imagine history without Paul.

I also want to mention, that I finally made a decision yesterday, and I am going to run for State Representative of the 137th district. (unless they call it something else when the boundaries are re-drawn). I have been pondering about this for awhile, and really feel moved to run. It is my desire to represent the people of my district, so I am going to be out and about learning about them, what matters to them and the issues that they are personally facing starting in January.

And there is this great social networking site for political activists like me called Missouri Matters, if you are in Missouri and want to talk about what matters to you, then check it out, and find me there!

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