Thursday, December 25, 2008

Angel's Adventures

So, I have not really been called angel much since high school except be a few close friends. I figure, I might as well use some of my nicknames in this blog.

Speaking of nicknames, I have had several. Of course, the negative ones I purposely forget to mention, and I will mention some that bring back some of my favorite memories with them. "Princess who writes a lot with a pen." LOL Yes, that has got to be one of the longest nicknames ever! "Pocohontas", "Powdered Donut", "China Doll", "Kithy", "Lacey", "Quick Britches" and "Buttercup". Of course there all have stories, which I will relate at another time.

I did finally finish my article at, you can read it here if you are curious.

Recently, I read the book "A Glorious Standard for All Mankind" by Christopher S. Bentley. I highly recommend this book for those that are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as for those of you who are curious about the LDS position on the U.S. Constitution. You can find it here.

For my birthday, my mother gave me these great books, and then again for Christmas, she gave me more from the set. They are incredible, and I recommend them as well. They are "The Great and Terrible" series.

We did get our flat tire replaced, and are able to drive around safely again, so I am happy about that.

I spent the last two days finishing sewing and crocheting Christmas presents for my children. It was a good Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we smoked our turkey in our charcoal smoker, using hickory wood for extra flavor. We added a chipotle and lime BBQ sauce to it as it cooked, and it was the most tangy and tender turkey we have made yet.

For dessert we had birthday cake. We sang happy birthday to Jesus, and blew out a matchstick candle (since I could not find the birthday candles) and enjoyed eating a bit too much vegetables and chipotle ranch dip.

After watching the rest of the movie "Beethoven", and letting our food get settled,
we read "The real Christmas Story" by W. Cleon Skousen, and read several poems from the book that the Kimber Academy has called "Peace at Christmas".

After that, we sang several Christmas Carols about the Savior and his birth, had scripture and prayer and then opened one present. The children went to bed, while Aaron and I worked on our projects. After awhile, Aaron read the book I am reading right now to me while I kept working.

At midnight, I got a phone call from my mom seeing how I was doing and how things were going. My youngest sister was out with her boyfriend and was not back yet, and so my mom was worried. I can completely understand that now. I used to wonder what the big deal was, but as a mom, I can tell you, it is now a big deal when your children are not where you expect them to be when you expect them to be there.

I thought I would go ahead and share a picture from Christmas morning, so here you go. :)

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