Monday, December 22, 2008

The Last Two Days

Yep, I am a little bit behind on my blog. Life always seems to run away from me these days.

So, going back to my Saturday. In the afternoon, I attended a baby shower for one of my friends from the Ron Paul meetup group. I was so excited to go and hang out with her and her husband as well as meet some of their friends and family that I have not met yet.

It will be even more exciting to see the face of their son when he finally makes his debut into the world.

I had to leave early to make it to the meeting be held by the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance at the Library Center. I met a lot of great people and saw clips of several movies that I have already seen before, and a couple that I have not. One of the best connections was the master gardener that I met. For Christmas, I will be giving the gift of my husband being able to attend his classes. He talked about how he can produce enough produce for 2 people for a year in a 4x16 raised bed. It will take 3 for our family, but definitely something we not only want to look at for our family, but for our neighbors as well. There is enough space for a community garden set up on some property connected to our place, and the Land owner has agreed to let us garden it. We are hoping to show him these raised beds, and get him on board for making this a community gardening area for the other homes that are right here as well. Each home could have their assigned section, if they wanted to participate, and if not, we could offer it to someone else in the community. Here is the website where you can check out the classes.

After I finished with that meeting, I went to join my husband and children in the library. On the way there, I saw a couple friends that were looking at some videos on Magnetic energy, and cars that are running on it. It is amazing technology and it is free energy. There has been many inventions that would create free energy all over the world, but they keep getting crushed by big corporations that want to not have free energy available. This is something that we need to do something about, and I am going to work with others to see what can be done to bring this technology into the local markets. Imagine having free energy, and being able to invest your money else where because you do not have a utility bill, or have to pay for gas in your car.

While talking with these friends of mine, I found out that another friend is in the hospital. He had internal bleeding, so my husband, kids and I drove over to Cox south to visit him. It was nice to see him and he seemed to be doing really well. He ended up talking to me about politics, and the different campaigns that he managed. He shared some great ideas with me, that I think I will use in my own campaign, when the time comes. I would appreciate it if you kept him in your prayers. While I was there, he was frustrated that thy wanted to draw more of his blood, he said that there must be vampires in the basement with how often they were taking it. I can empathize. I remember being poked and prodded quite a bit when I was going through my pregnancies.

Aaron had decided to take the children to McDonald's while I was visiting, and so when I came downstairs, they were still gone. I spent the hour opening the door for those people that were locked out and freezing. It was actually kind of fun to be that helpful. I even opened the door for the hospital security to get in. I wondered why in the world they would lock that door when so many people were wanting in, and it was so cold outside.

I finally got picked up, and got dinner. Yep, I ate dinner at almost 11pm.

This sandwich is SO huge, that I ended up sharing it with those in the car, and still having some left to put in the fridge and have for dinner the next night. It tasted great tho, and was just spicy enough to warm up my Popsicle body.

I finally went to bed around midnight, after sucking on a slippery Elm lozenge. I LOVE those, they make a scratchy throat go away, and I can sing even if I have a bit of a cold.

Sunday morning, I was tired and had to drag myself out of bed. But it was worth it, getting to sing a little solo part in sacrament meeting, and to see the kids in primary. After church we discovered that we had a flat tire. If you are going to have a flat tire, I am telling you, the best place to have it happen is in the parking lot of my church. I am so grateful for all those that were willing to help. Brother Palmer had compressed air right in his truck, so he pumped that baby up, and we were on our way. We have to get a new tire, but, I am glad that I did not have to walk home, or freeze trying to help Aaron change that tire.

Well, I am off to try to brainstorm about my next article for LDSFreemen.

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