Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Another Day

So, I have not been keeping up well with my blog, but I am sure that many would understand that. When your entire life is uprooted, it does take time to stabilize it again.

The divorce papers were filed in Missouri yesterday. Which, was a hard day. There was a wide range of feelings that I had and to be honest, I spent some time under the covers wishing that the Millennium were here already. My mother wanted to know what triggered all this since I seemed to be doing ok. It is hard to say.

I went to Denny's the night before to meet the local liberty minded people. I thought that would help me feel better, but instead I missed my friends in Missouri even more. Even tho a majority of those here are also LDS, which gives a whole new dynamic for things, I felt like I had gone back in time about 18 months. Back to before we were able to unite and work together despite our differences. I felt like I was so blessed to have been with the people in Missouri, because they already had taught themselves so much about the proper role of government, and we quickly sought for solutions rather then dwelling on the doom and gloom.

The people here are good people. They are informed, there just is not direction yet, and frankly, I am not sure that I want to do a repeat of what I did in Springfield LOL. Although, I will admit, it seems to come naturally to me. I like it when we can all find common ground and fight for a common cause. Even when some of my friends happen to not like each other LOL.

I already have people taking to me about the dating scene and that they want to date me when my divorce is final, but I am not sure that I am anywhere near there. I think that I would like to talk to people and make friends. I did post a profile on a local dating site so that I might be able to meet good people, not sure if that will be a good idea or not since I have been told there are a lot of players on there. My divorce is supposed to be finalized on May 4th, for those that want to know. I have not subscribed to the dating site due to that fact. I just have a free account, which makes it impossible for anyone to converse with me. I just want to clarify that. I believe very strongly that I should have things finalized before I talk to guys.

I have been offered many jobs, all in sales, all 100% commission. And even tho that is a blessing, at the same time I am stressed by it. I have bills that I need to pay by the middle of the month, and I owe my mom for dental work now, and I really need to cover those. The offers for the commission jobs fit my personal convictions, if they didn't, I could not make myself motivated to sell anything. :) One of the businesses, I know Michael Richardson would love! It is to help get silver back in circulation with merchants here locally. Another one, through the same contact is selling installation just until May 1st when the rebate ends. Basically, the rebate offered makes each customer get all their money back. I also have been offered a position with the Cape Fair Cryer, and I am grateful to Chuck for that offer. It is selling over the phone newspaper ad space to those in the Cape Fair, Missouri area. :) (You will never be able to get Missouri out of this girl). A friend of mine also is discussing another possibility with me via email. His son is designing a software program that no other company in the USA has yet, and I would help market that. (I am still getting more information on that.)

My favorite job lead that I applied for is to be a teacher at Kimber Academy. Many of you may know that I went to college to seek for my education degree, but did not like the philosophies being taught. I love teaching! And Kimber curriculum is close to my heart, it is what I used for home educating my children. Dr. Kimber and W. Cleon Skousen have had major impact on me and the decisions I have made in my life. Of course Dr. Kimber doesn't know this, that I know of. And Since W. Cleon Skousen passed away, I would assume he can look down and know exactly the impact that he has had. This position would not start until September, however I hope to find something to do until then. (I am really hoping I get that position). I will likely keep doing whatever I am doing until then even if I get the job, but this is what I love.

I applied for a receptionist position that is supposed to be very flexible, but the job doesn't close until the 12th, so I am not sure if I will hear back on it or not. It was strictly faxing in your resume. I did not get to talk to anyone or even know that the resume turned out ok through the faxing process. I wonder about because the verification sheet came through really, really dark.

I also applied to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had two interviews and took a survey, and they said they would look over those results and then give me a call. I am not sure how that is going to go since it has been 6 years since I was in the retail scene. I have been doing my music and child care instead, and that is very different then retail. I like the atmosphere of the store, the location, and the quality of the merchandise, that is why I applied. After the survey though, I started feeling like I may not get that call back just because it is not the right fit for me, and I would make less then $400 a month if I took that position. I started thinking that I need something that could work around Kimber, have more flexibility, assuming I get that position at all. If I did though, I am going to be honest, I would put Kimber first.

I am also considering going back to school. I have the long term goal of getting my doctorate in education. I am not sure how I would swing it all yet, but I am continually praying and pondering about it.

If I plan my life, based on my current situation as if my ex is not going to pay child support (which is a possibility) then I need to make $2000 a month. That way the children still stay in school, (tuition is $1000 a month for them) and then I have enough to cover all bills, save for a rainy day, and deal with anything that comes up like a car tune-up, etc. I can only do this because I am living in the basement of my mother's home. My room and board is covered, otherwise, I do not see how any single mom can live in this state as an independent woman.

I can see why so many would need to turn to the state for health, housing, food and so on. There is MAJOR sticker shock here for me. If people here could see the 3 year old place I had in Springfield for $575 a month, they would not believe it. It looks like the average rent for a 3bd 2 bath is over $1000 a month here. As I was driving over the Utah boarder I heard ads about 2bd 2bath places starting in the low $200's. INSANE!!! For having large families here, the prices really are oppressive. In fact, I met a lady at church that talked about her 4 jobs, and her husband also had 2 jobs. Crazy if you ask me!

So, I am counting my blessings, or at least trying to. Otherwise, I can get feeling pretty down. It is hard to feel like you know no one at church, no one anywhere. It helps to have met some liberty minded people online in Utah before I got here, but I still feel uprooted.


mrcolj said...

Kimber's only going to be part time, so that shouldn't affect your other jobs... Kimber schools generally meet 8am-12pm ish.

Charity Angel said...

That's right. :) My children attend the school, so I know that it is 12 hours a week, plus the meetings etc.

I need to write another entry in my blog. LOL