Friday, April 24, 2009

Voices of Warning: Our Awful Situation

I am posting these 4 videos to help educate everyone as rapidly as possible to what many have tried to warn us about. Latter-day Saints have the advantage of The Book of Mormon and what it teaches us to do when we Awaken to our Awful Situation. See Ether Chapter 8. We are to repent and preach the gospel, and Alma said, try the virtue of the word of God to bring the people to repentance. We must change our ways in order to protect our liberty.

Some ways that we can repent. Turn to God and acknowledge that it is He that grants us our liberty. Trust in Him rather then the arm of flesh. Repent for being apathetic, and get involved in the defense of your liberty by studying the Constitution, paying attention to what your Representatives, Congressmen, and Senators are doing. Stand for correct principles, do not allow liberty to be infringed on. Lend your voice, vote, attend caucuses, conventions, legislative hearings, and consider running for office. Warn your neighbors. Live a virtuous life, seek to be righteous, for it is righteousness that exalteth a nation.

The founders and the people at the time of The Declaration of Independence knew that it required a good, virtuous and religious people to have a truly free society. We need to return to the goodness that America had, take a forthright stand for morality, higher standards and the commandments of God. This is the only way that we will be able to have our liberty protected.

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