Sunday, June 28, 2009

As In the Days of Noah-The Days in Which WE Live

Have you taken the time to develop your testimony of Jesus Christ and your personal relationship with Him? Do you live your life in a way that will encourage the Holy Spirit to be with you and influence you to make the best choice? Do you look towards the world to see how well you are doing, or to a higher path, the one of the Lord?

Our Father in Heaven loves us, His children. He has sent warnings to us through the scriptures and modern-day prophets so that we may be prepared for those trials, temptations and tribulations that will come to us. The world that we live in now is filled with hate, war, fear, blood, death, smoke, sin and pain. If we are to succeed temporally and spiritually, we must fortify our homes and ourselves as individuals, on a very personal level.

We need to be able to stand anywhere and be standing on a holy place because WE are standing there. We have been warned over and over again, it is time to heed those warnings to protect yourself, your family, and friends by having ears to hear and eyes that see.

No matter how appealing and enticing the things of this world may appear, they pass away, the pleasure is only temporary and it too soon fades. To have true eternal happiness, we must give heed to the things that the Lord has told us to do. To become the true people of Zion. Being of one heart and one mind as our Father in Heaven, our Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are. We must connect to them spiritually that we may work as one to prepare to bring the Kingdom of God on earth forth. We must prepare every needful thing for the times that have already begun.

Be ever watchful, read the scriptures and know the signs of His coming that you will not be deceived or taken by surprise as a thief in the night. We may not know the day or the hour, but we can tell when the leaves are on the fig tree, and that the time is nigh.

If you have not gotten prepared in the ways that the video above lets you know you need to be, then work on it now. Press forward with faith, and do what is required. Do it not in fear, but with faith, that the Lord will guide you to be able to fulfill what He has asked of us, that He will indeed provide a way for you to accomplish what He has commanded.

As intense as the sin and wickedness is, there is still more to come. Stand on that firm foundation, your holy place, and be not moved. Cling to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and gather in all you can to safety.

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