Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cleansing the Inner Temple

So, here is what I am doing for those that want to know. You can find the three day juice cleanse here in Dr. Christopher's Book.

Instead of apple juice, this time I am using carrot juice, which is an acceptable substitute. I am using a Juiceman Juicer given to me by my friend Richard. So I am making about a quart of Carrot juice at a time so it is as fresh as possible for this cleanse.

So far, things are great, and I am not having any issues. I look forward to going to church in a couple hours. My new ward starts at 1pm now. I went to the temple yersterday morning, and that was great. I stopped by someone's house on the way to pick up my children because of an impression I had, that I still do not understand. I hope that it was the right thing to do. I had to swollow my own pride to do it, so maybe just for that reason, it was a good thing. I left a note for them since they were not home, which when I was on my way there I was pretty certain that no one was going to answer the door.

Last night I took pictures of the kids at my Brother in Law's birthday party. I will post those as a video below.

My sister Emily used my camera to take a few of the cute pics as well. :)

I should be having my personal photo shoot sometime next week, and I look forward to that as something fun to do!

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