Thursday, February 5, 2009

What Unites Us As Americans?

Before I write about this, Please watch the video.

This video gives me the impression that what unites us as Americans has been forgotten.

As Americans, we are united by the Constitution, and individual liberty. We are all created by God, who has given us inalienable rights. Each and everyone of us is sovereign. We are THE PEOPLE.

Once We The People realize who we are, where our rights come from, and once again awaken to this truth, we will unite once again. I truly believe that we will see how divisive things have become in this nation, and will once again erase the imagined lines that have been created for many reasons.

There is no need for special interest groups. No womans rights, no parents rights, and other groups, because we are all equal before God. We all have the right to life, liberty and property. To determine for ourselves what we will do with the fruit of our labors.

While out talking door to door with people, I met a gentleman, and we talked for a brief moment. He talked about rendering unto Caesar's what is Caeser's. He asked me who Caesar is in this country. I told him I am, and that he is. THE PEOPLE are the Caesar's here. While it is true that we have not been using the Constitution as we should, to restrain the government, it does not change what God has given us.

We are accountable for our stewardship, and God tell us, that we are to be our brother's keeper, and to me, that means that I protect my brother's liberty. That I do not justify robbing him of his ability to choose, so long as the life, liberty and property of another are not effected negatively.

If we deny that our rights come from God, then we allow the door to be swung wide open to say that the government can determine if we are free. We are free because God made us free. But where much is given, much is required. We must maintain it, defend it, stand up for it, and not leave it to others to defend.

If we love our neighbors as ourselves, this is easy to accomplish once again. Everything starts with us, at home, in our neighborhoods. If we can unite as the people of Springfield, then we can unite with the people in the state, and keep this state sovereign. And when the State is awakened to its own gift from the people, the power to protect their sovereignty, then they in turn can stuff the federal government back into the box that was set for it by the Constitution.

If you have not read and studied the Constitution, I encourage you to do so. Try to read it often so that it is fresh in your mind, and you can better defend liberty.

A great source for education is the education link on the Campaign for Liberty website, there is a lot of free information there. An educated people is a free people. Once the people are informed, they will be better able to defend liberty.

It is not the government structure that is broken, but the guardians of liberty that have failed to guard and stand on the watch tower. Now there are many who are calling out alarm that we are under attack, but there are still few who are listening. The sleeping giant is being awoken though, and watch out when it does. People are not happy when they have a rude awakening, they can be a bit cranky.

We need to remember, that the government structure does work, when we have a moral people to guard liberty, and those who will serve in various positions do so with integrity and knowing that they too are to guard liberty and not to assist in it being stripped from themselves or their neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Nice - Thanks

Stephen Palmer said...

Charity, scary video, excellent post.

I think the core is something you said at the beginning -- the recognition of the Source of our rights. That used to be universally-shared knowledge in our nation and it's by and large disappeared.

Thanks for the post!

tom said...

you are such a fanatic think this way ROFL !!!!!!!

John Gillmartin said...

Well said!

I recognize and understand the people in the video though; used to work with lots of them. The interviewer designs the question in such a way as to frame the answers he or she wants. Viola! A video is born and the dance goes on.

CharityAngel said...

True. The way a question is framed can produce certain responses. :) I have nothing against the people, it was just a great way to lead into the discussion. :)