Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mom's For Food Security

As you know, I have been involved with the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance and the 1000 gardens project.

I have a very strong belief that we need to be able to take care of ourselves. There are many events that could disrupt our imports of food, and then suddenly, we are all starving.

We used to be able to feed ourselves, and we even sold those excess goods outside of this region. I think that it is time to return to a common sense way of looking at things, and begin now to feed ourselves and our neighbors.

Where I live, I have the benefit of using some land behind our home for a large garden. We plan on growing enough to store and to provide for others in need on fresh produce.

I hope to get many neighbors nearby to get involved. We will donate the produce to churches and already existing food banks, but it would be even better if we can organize something for our neighborhood specifically, and work together to provide for our needs.

I have created some very short videos about our gardening progress this year, and I will update my blog as we really get going. This will be the largest garden that we have ever had. My husband is estimating 84 raised beds in the space that we have used. (There is more space available too). I hope my neighbors will take advantage of it.

Here are the videos, enjoy. :)

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