Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blood donations, Gummy Worm Cake and Community

Today has been a full day. Who am I kidding? Everyday around here is a full day. I did have fun with the kids making the cake that you see above.

Tonight my family will be going to the Blue and Gold banquet while I am at a Greene County Campaign for Liberty meeting. I figured, the least that I could do was help make the cake. So, I am one of those mom's that likes to do something creative, but fast when it comes to things like this.

For those who are curious, this cake is definitely for boys! (Or girls that like the mud and the outdoors). The cake itself is red velvet, so it will be red when it is cut. My boys are really excited about a 'bleeding' cake. LOL The frosting is coconut with pecans and hazelnut hot chocolate to make it look muddy. The pecans are the little rocks in the soil. I added some green sugar for the grass, and of course the kids favorite part was adding the gummy worms. We let them slither into the frosting.

I am glad that they enjoyed it, but I hope to never eat it myself. I am not a sugar fan. I will eat something sweet once in awhile, but this is way too much sugar for my tastes. But it was fun!

Yesterday I gave blood for the first time. My daughter's thought it was interesting and were thrilled to get Sonic coupons and a t-shirt. I am still tired from it, but each time I feel a little too tired I think, "Someone will appreciate it!" I will admit that I was a little nervous at first. Not of giving blood, but from the medical smell that was in the Red Cross Mobile. A few years ago, I considered becoming a surgical technician, but when they took me into the teaching room, I got nauseated because the smell reminded me of my c-sections. So, I decided that really wasn't for me. The smell in the mobile reminded me of that, but I calmed myself down and just reminded myself that I was not having any surgery today!

Last night I went to the Young Conservative's meeting, and that went rather well. I am sure that I will eternally disagree on the monetary policy position, but such is life. (Not really anything new for the last 3 years). I have this really strong love for the Constitution of the U.S., and so anything other then what is in alignment with that I would not be happy with. So, I guess when it comes to being a 'fiscal conservative' I guess I am more of a fiscal constitutionalist.

I think that some people are still in denial of where we are in the world today monetarily speaking as a nation. We are not holding on to the title of 'super power' as much as people would like to believe. I would bet that China hold more of our 'dollars' then we do! The majority has spoken though. Which just tells me that more pocket constitutions need to be handed out. Hopefully no one is offended by my strong opinion, but it is what it is, and is not likely to change.

My family is planning on attending the Tea Party this Friday at Lake Springfield. I am still trying to decide if we should wear our colonial costumes or just wear red. My colonial dress is red, so I am ok either way, but the rest of the family, they are all blue and one brown one. We have worn them for parades and many other events, and have been interviewed by reporters before while wearing them, but not here locally, so maybe we will get away with it. :)

Well, there is still much to do today. I need to file a MEC report by tomorrow, get everyone ready for their events, and attend the Campaign for Liberty meeting tonight.

I am definitely not keeping up with writing daily, nor am I seeing a consistent pattern of any kind, but it is better then last year!

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