Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Last Three Days

Things have been busy this year already. So, once again I am playing catch up with my blog. I am still hanging in there and have not given up yet!

On January 1st I attended a free Life Alignment workshop that was hosted by Curtis and Shawna Abbott. I found this workshop to be very helpful. If you hear about this workshop being held near you I would recommend attending it. This workshop was based on the concepts in the book "Your Life as Art" by Robert Fritz.

Some great thoughts that I agreed with that were mentioned at this workshop are:

"We are creators because we were created by the Creator."

"There is nothing greater then being a creator"

"We need to move from being a passive audience to a creative performer."

I will not give away the rest of the workshop, I will just say that I came away from it with some great new insights on how to approach things, and I am glad that I went.

Another book that Curtis recommended was "The Managerial Moment of Truth."

And I will always ponder on this closing statement:

"Are you a star or a planet? A planet reflects the light that is given to it, and the star radiates the light from within. We all have that light within." Curtis went on to explain that we are not our circumstances, or the background that we came from, we are valuable just as we are.

I agree with this and it is a personal belief of mine. We are all children of God, and we all are of equal value to him. Not one of us is better or has more value to God then another. It also made me consider Jesus Christ, and the fact that he was born into such humble circumstances, yet look at what he accomplished in his life, and we can become like him. We truly are more then our circumstances.

On January 2nd we went grocery shopping as a family, the boys got their haircut and we had the missionaries over for dinner. It was fun despite how simple that sounds. We made a breaded chicken breast with a dollop of Italian tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese,with baby green beans, mashed red potatoes, Asiago cheese and mushroom gravy, sun dried tomato garlic bread and had white grape and peach juice to drink. Dessert was pre-made that I picked up at the store and was an Oreo chocolate cake. The missionaries made a really cute thank you card they made out of paper. It is a dress shirt with a tie and missionary name tag on it, I loved it and will put it in my journal.

On January 3rd we attended the launch party for the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance at the Hammon's Tower. This was the first time that we have ever been to Hammon's Tower, so I looked up as much information on it as I could. I discovered, that it is the tallest building in Missouri, even taller then the capital building in Jefferson City.

Today, Aaron and I had our first day in the nursery at church with the 18 month through 3 year old children. It was a lot more laid back and calm then we were expecting, but the other sister in the reassured us that we were just being blessed with a great day since it was our first Sunday in there. I enjoyed it even though it did take me awhile to remember a lot of the songs that we used to sing in there. Some we sing with the older children, and so those are easy, but wow, it has been awhile. Almost 12 years since I was in there with Aaron teaching. I loved choir. It seemed to be over so fast, but I think that is because I could just sing all day. The current song we are working on is "Let us all Press On." I love the song. You can hear it here. Just make sure that you select words and music on the left hand side so you can hear it performed.


tom said...

Dang it, I told the Abbott's I would come then totally forgot about the event even after getting an e~mail reminder.
Missed the Well fed neighbor event since I don't recall being told about that one. Any event which helps and shows people how they can get along with minimalistic government is a HUGE benefit in my book.
The FDA has long shown it can NOT be trusted with the nations food supply or the health of the people. It is time the people took to making sure they are eating healthy by shopping from local farmers, ranchers, produce growers. I would much sooner purchase a chicken from someone who allows me to walk out and see how they are being raised, instead of a place with a security warning that NO visitor allowed on premises.
Thankfully I have some great customers who in there own right are self sufficient and offer up to neighbors & friends the availability of purchasing there meat, poultry, eggs, milk, & produce. Our backyard square foot garden helps quite a bit as well and next year raising our own laying hens will have us in eggs to spare.

CharityAngel said...

Well, I post some of these events on facebook, as well as on Campaign for Liberty and Missouri Matters.

I supposed I need to post them to other groups as well, just not sure how many events I attend everyone wants to know about.

Springfieldian said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing about your latest activities. I wish I could be as involved as you are. You've been participating in some really helpful meetings, and I'm soaking it all in. I knew you were on MySpace, Facebook, and Campaign For Liberty, but I didn't know about this blog before. Thanks for sharing.

CharityAngel said...

You're welcome. I figure that it will help me keep track of what I am accomplishing as well as let others know some of the things that are going on in Missouri. It is one of my goals for this year to keep up this blog more consistently. Glad you appreciate it.