Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Being One with The People

The other day when I was hosting a meet the candidates event for Campaign for Liberty, someone made a statement to me that I found very curious.

They stated that there is no way that I can understand the people in this district. It came across as if they were saying that I was rich, and not able to understand the struggles that others living in this district go through.

As much as I find that amusing, I also wondered if others might think that too. If they do, I want to reassure them that I do understand.

I have been married for over 11 1/2 years. I have four children. They are ages 10,10,8 and 7. My husband is the sole provider. I have done things from time to time, like childcare, or singing, but the majority of my time I volunteer to do things.

We moved to this district after our economic situation became even more difficult. I did not move here to run for office. I moved here because it was within our budget. With the increasing costs of utilities, home owner's insurance, car insurance, food, and other things, it was not financially possible to stay where we were.

I shop at the thrift stores, and often visit garage sales. Craigslist is a place that also helps me save money. I have even shopped at the damaged freight store for good deals, and will shop at Aldi's most of the time.

I have friends and a supportive husband that makes it possible for me to be involved and to run for office. If it was not for them, this would not be an option at all.

I literally am one of the people, running to represent us. Besides the fact that many have asked me to run, I have observed those around me. I have watched sweet elderly ladies scrape up what money they can to buy one single can of coke. They are trying to remain independent, and can barely do it. I offered to help this particular woman, and she refused my help. Which, I completely understand. We feel successful when we can take care of ourselves.

My neighbors are having a very hard time, they need someone that really truly cares about them. They struggle to get to their jobs, and even while working, still need help to make ends meet.

I have experienced many things in my life, and I know that I can empathize with anyone. It is time for compassion, but at the same time steadfastness. I am offering to be the representative voice, that is all I can do. If I am not someone that The People feel can represent them, that is ok. I am just giving them another option.

I just want to protect what we have here, and work for it to get better. This area has a lot to offer. It has great people, great businesses, and people that work together.

To the individual that said I don't understand, I invite you to contact me, and ask me whatever questions you have, if there are any more that remain.


tom said...

Don't you enjoy when others try to tell you that they know more about your life then you do ? I was discussing foster care the other night with a group of people when someone who had just walked in proceeded to tell me that I could possibly understand what it was like to go without or to live in conditions that many believe beneath them.
As politely as possible, which was not very I laid out my story for this person the years of foster care I was raised in. Being raised in poverty to the point of eating nothing but potato soup for days on end. Having one set of clothes the complete school year.
I have always enjoyed people who try to judge you on the here and now and not in the past. Yes I have a business and yes I can provide for my family but the hours and years worked to get to this point are not seen nor are they discussed. I believe most in the room had a new found respect for my political beliefs and the individual which I ticked off wasn't going to vote for me anyway.

CharityAngel said...

LOL I think that a lot of people really need to take the time to get to know others. I personally enjoy getting to know other people, but some just look at you or hear one thing and think they have you all figured out. I am glad that you were able to deal with it, obviously, I had to write about it LOL. I did not get a chance to talk to the individual at all.

Jason said...

What these times are is a great opportunity for those who call themselves Christians to step up and prove it. If you know of a neighbor who lost their job and can't afford to eat, bring them some groceries. If the weather's bad and your elderly neighbor has a doctor's appointment, take a drive.

"It is time for compassion, but at the same time steadfastness." Exactly.

I know you were posting this in regard to your upcoming political campaign but sometimes even the politics of a situation need to be put aside.

CharityAngel said...

I know that I am a littler different, but here goes. :) I think that ALL the time we need to put aside political differences and just see people as people.

We need to serve them, and practice what we preach. If we are going to say that there is a better way to do things, then we need to do it. We need to be an example.

TimnOhio said...

I can't understand people today. Anyone that is struggling, which is about everybody, understands what it is like. I am from MO and live in Ohio now. Times here are terrible. I am a union carpenter and have been laid off since August, along with 1000's other construction workers. I'm on the verge of losing my house and still I wear a smile everyday. And I would never accuse someone of not understanding what I am going through. In your case I would thank you for wanting to put your name out there and sacrifice your time to make things better. I would have to agree with Jason in that it's time for 'Christians' to step up to the plate. I am broke, yet I find time to help others that need help by doing 'fix it' jobs for those that are in the same place I am. I never ask for a dime. It is about helping others. Banding together and treating your neighbor like family. We are all Americans and somewhere down the line we have been divided into two sides, the right and the left. Why can't we all just act like we are one, Americans? I wish more people would be willing to get involved with their local politics like you are doing. Without people like you who would hold politicians accountable for their actions? And just think, they all scoffed at Ron Paul's run and laughed at us. He awoke a sleeping giant....the people. Soon we will be laughing!