Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great Expectations

Yesterday my husband, children and I went to the inaugural ball. My children had never been to an inaugural ball before, and so we thought that it would be a great field trip for them.

The first thing that my children got excited about was seeing Sarah Steelman's name on a door. I explained to them that she no longer held that office, and that she would probably be running for something else soon, but they were thrilled all the same.

Last year my children got to see Sarah a few times. They were at sign waves, in parades with her, and at the watch party that she came to. They also saw her in Branson during the state convention. My children really love Sarah. I can't explain it, they are just drawn to her. They even made her signs for the 4th of July parade, which she autographed for them.

Personally, I like the fiscally conservative positions that she takes, as well as many of her ideas. I think that it is very rare that we find a perfect fit in someone that runs for office, but Sarah has stood her ground, even when her own party would not support her. I have to admire individuals that stick to their principles like that.

My children also got to meet some of our favorite representatives:

We first met Eric Burlison at the Memorial day ice cream social last year. I spoke with him about several concerns and really felt that he would be a great representative, and that he would take his oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Missouri seriously. Those that live in his district will definitely find a listening ear and a hard worker.

Representative Shane Scholler helped Greene County during the district and state conventions. While we were visiting with him, our children enjoyed some great cream puffs, strawberries, and chocolate brownies. I overheard him discussing the economic concerns with others that came to his office, and even though he is not my state representative, he also listened to mine. My daughter Zion, who is wearing green, really liked Shane, and had to run up to him each time we passed him in the hallway.

Last but not least, is Representative Jim O Guest. He is a man I have come to admire. His fight against Real ID, and the time that he has spent in fighting for liberty has encouraged me a great deal. He gave a great speech in Branson on the same stage that I sang the National Anthem on. We also shared that stage with other great individuals, Ron Paul, and Jeremy Cady. I will never forget those moving speeches, or the many people that were there standing for something greater then themselves.

In fact, here is Jeremy Cady's Speech:

With that in mind, I cannot help but appreciate those who have gone before, that sacrificed for liberty. That is the cause that is greater then ourselves, to love our neighbors enough, that we will allow them liberty. They are free to choose for themselves how they will live their lives, as long as it does not effect others.

After last night, I found myself questioning, how far can this go? What constitutes effecting others? Is there a certain degree of morality that we should expect to be upheld in public? I believe that we are free to choose what relationships we have, and whom we have them with, but I do have a growing concern, and that is what I witnessed at the Inaugural ball. And more importantly, what I had to explain to my young children.

There were two representatives that presented themselves with their partners as they went through the ceremonial march. As my children watched this, they asked me what was meant by partner, and why it was two women. I have to admit, that I was shocked to see this in Missouri. When I first moved here, I admired the level of morality that the people had, I was amazed at the modesty that still existed at the local mall, and I felt that the Bible belt is the perfect place to raise children. And I still do. I just think that this event was made to be less then it could have been to pull intimate things like that into a traditional ceremony.

I know that I could get some flack for my position on this, but it is my reality. I do not believe that I should have to explain things to my children like that. It only increased my concern for my state, and where it really is being led, and by whom.

There are many that also voiced their concern, but in the political correct atmosphere that exists, they wouldn't speak up, and I cannot blame them, they would have been verbally torn apart right then and there. I am used to people not always agreeing with my positions on things, and so I am not going to pretend to be someone that I am not.

I see the capitol building as a holy place, a place of law, where our liberty is protected. I also believe that the words that are carved in stone in there, are true correct principles. "Righteousness Exalteth a Nation." And that is the same for our state. It is by adhering to those correct principles that are based upon the laws of the God of this land, Jesus Christ, that we must uphold and defend, or we will fall, just as other nations before us.

Am I saying that people cannot have their relationships? No, the Constitution and God allow them to choose for themselves, however, I do not think that it should be a public display, or legislated. We need less laws, not more of them.

Our representation is supposed to be a reflection of us. And I am often told that we have the government that we deserve. That the people have chosen those that represent their values. I hope that is not true, otherwise, we may face some serious consequences to help us return to those correct principles, a return to virtue, honesty, integrity, and the things that truly made our nation great.


Debi said...

Hi, I just wanted to voice my support for your post. How great that you are so active in your community government and include your children. I am taken back by the public displays of immorality that I have to explain to my children as well.

Anonymous said...

Charity, what a powerful comment. I stand firmly behind your position on this matter and believe it is only those who don't believe in Jesus Christ, or truly understand Him, that would disagree with your position. I AM PROUD OF YOU AND WHAT YOU STAND FOR!
Your Father,
Richard Heward