Saturday, November 21, 2009

Early Morning Brain Storm

I awoke this morning way too early for how late I went to bed, but I could not stop my mind from running in order to go back into dreamy slumber.  This happens to me every now and again, and it is usually related to writing and topics that I should write about.  This morning, there were so many ideas flooding my mind that I was not sure how in the world I could cover them all with all the plans that I have for today with family and business.

While, I do need to write my articles for my other sites, I have felt strongly that I needed to write on these personal topics as well, which is what this blog is really for.  It is my outlet for my random brain storms and I post things that touch my heart, inspire me, as well as infuriate me.

My first thoughts this morning upon waking up were about my son's Auspergers, and the struggles that he has had recently.  After home schooling him, he made great advancements, that former educators told me he would never make, and I am proud of my son.  I know that he has to work that much harder just to be at the average level of children his age in some areas, and the fact that he has been able to do that, is truly miraculous to me.

My second thought was truth.  What is truth?  And how do we know it?  Truth can be the basic laws that we cannot defy in nature, like gravity.  Truth can be what we gain from personal experiences that we take in and accept as a part of ourselves.  Truth can come through words by enlightened individuals and through research of the facts.  But, the best truth are those that come through the light of Jesus Christ, that speak to your mind and heart in a moment.  This happens to me a lot, especially when I am reading the scriptures, and thinking about solutions for my life, and how to help others.  It also seems to happen to me when I am first awakening in the morning and in dreams.

The next thought was liberty, and how I am going to protect it today.  Anyone who knows me knows my passion and dedication to liberty, not just for myself, but for my neighbors, children, family, friends, and yes, even my enemies.  I see all people as being equal.  Equal under God, equal under the law, and valuable to the Creator.  I am a very tender-hearted individual that can easily feel for others.  I truly believe that just as Christ said all the laws hang on these two 1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, might, mind and strength, and 2. Love your neighbor as yourself.  It is these two principles that I use to judge what is good, right and truth, especially when it comes to the political upheaval and the economic stresses of our day.

I tell you these things, so that you understand my motivation behind everything that I do.  While I am told that it is a rare motivation, it is truly mine.  I am motivated by love.  Love of freedom, love of country, love of family and love of God. 

While I do not always comment on everything that I post, because I want to encourage people to think for themselves, I think that we live in a time, where I need to do that more often, and explain what I think and why I think it.  It has taken years of research and emotional pain to learn the things that I have learned, and generally, I have learned them the hard way.  However, if sharing those things helps one person not go through them, or recover from them, or even helps others see people as individuals again, it is a success to me. 

One of the truths I would like to share with you today, is the video below.  I do not know how common this is, because there are no real studies that have been done that were not biased and created by those who want to be able to get us to buy and use these things, but I have personal experience, and for me, that is all I need.  The video below I was shown this morning on my Facebook page, and I cried while watching it.  This video reminded me of my experience with my oldest son after he got vaccinated.  He acted much like this boy, only he would not even walk, I had to carry him.  I called the Dr.  and they told me it was normal and to give him Tylenol.  I love my son, as any mother would, and I trusted the government that told me to immunize by two.  My son was premature, but developing appropriately, so we had waited longer to get the immunization.  I say this because some in the medical field argue that the symptoms of Autism show at these ages so it is not the vaccines, but my son was older.  I cannot tell you how I wish I would have listened to those gut instincts of mine that told me this was not good for my son.  I wish that I had never put him through it, but I was where I was at the time.  Young, trusting, naive and uninformed.  My son started to regress and acted younger then his age, he is not the same boy that I had given birth to, this changed him.  And as hard as it is to share this openly, I miss that little boy.  He is a good boy, a great boy, but I miss who he was before he had these side effects.  Now, I want you to see this boy.  Another mother's son.  I want you to think, I want you to study, I want you to make sure that we really are not having this happen to anymore of our precious babies. 

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