Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jen Marco- Vocal Breakthrough Retreat

This amazing woman is Jen Marco. I have known her for several years. During that time, I have watched her grow in incredible ways.

When I first met Jen, she and I were in an independent makeup consultant business. We both attended the same conference in order to build our businesses to the fullest.

At this conference, I learned a lot about Jen, since we were assigned a room together. during that time, I learned that before that moment, Jen had given up some of her dreams in order to pursue her spiritual endeavors.

That night, she questioned  if she would be able to ever sing professionally again.

I moved out of the state soon after that, and Jen and I lost touch for awhile. When I reconnected with her, she had started pursuing her dreams again. She had many trials and obstacles that she had to overcome, and I watched her do it!

She lost weight, became a single mother, and she went through many difficult things, but, it all paid off. Jen has not only achieved her dreams, she has far exceeded her own expectations. Because that is the case, she had to set new ones.

With in the last year, Jen had an amazing experience, check it out!

Jen has recorded on over 200 projects.  Her Vocal Breakthrough method is a unique combination of technique and mindset, designed to create complete vocal freedom!

She has coached, performed, or recorded with participants on:

American Idol
The X Factor
America's Got Talent
The Voice
The Sing Off
So You Think You Can Dance

She believes that everyone deserves to unlock the power of their most brilliant voice and discover confidence and joy in singing!

And now, she is helping others to do what she did for themselves in their lives. 

Do you want to tap into your natural God given talent and potential? 

Our bodies are magnificently created, and the potential within each of us, is only limited by our own roadblocks and self-determined limits. 

Unlock your full potential as a vocalist, and as a person of influence by attending one of Jen's Vocal Breakthrough Retreats! 

The next Retreat is coming up later this month! Those who register right now are able to get an Early Bird Special!! Trust me, this is something that you want to take advantage of! Whether you want to sing, speak, coach or heal, there is going to be something at this retreat for you!!

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