Sunday, August 10, 2008

Washington You're Fired Movie Trailer


Anonymous said...


Just to be clear, that "Bill of Non-rights" is not an original work of Mr. Schanze's.

It is a copyrighted work, not authorized for public reprint.

I'm not sure what your connection is to Dell Schanze, but as an ex-employee (I left him, he didn't 'fire' me) I have to tell you, he is one of the most dishonorable scum bags I've encountered in my 25 years of life.


Priv A. See

CharityAngel said...

Whoa. That is some pretty strong statements there. I spoke with Dell for the first time on the phone last night. I lived in Utah over 5 years ago and sometime before that I saw his commercials for his computer store. I liked his style, and that is about the extent that I know him. I am assuming that you came to my blog because I commented on his. That Napper guy is awesome tho!