Saturday, July 19, 2008

Voting on Principle

My family has been Republican for over 7 generations. Abraham Lincoln is my 7th cousin once removed. He became president of the United States in a miraculous way. He did not have the delegates going into the convention, but the delegates eventually gave him enough votes that he was the Republican Nominee, the first one. Something else that is of interest to me, is that both parties were there at that convention.

This last year, for the first time, I participated in the delegate process in the Republican party. It was a VERY eye-opening experience. This country was built upon some very basic principles, and I will tell you straight out, that those principles are nearly dead. It seems that the Republican party has apostatized from those core beliefs that made them 'conservative', 'traditional', freedom loving people. They no longer uphold the Constitution, and if the traditional 'conservatives' do not do this, then we can only guess what the Democrats are doing.

Too many people believe that this country is a Democracy, it is not, it is a Republic. As Benjamin Franklin, another one of my ancestors said, "Madame, we have given you a Republic, if you can keep it." Going through history, it is clear that there is an agenda to destroy the Republic. This agenda has been so successful that even though people say the pledge of allegiance, they do not even realize that they are pledging to uphold the Republic of the United States. When the Republic is functioning, it protects the smallest minority, the individual. When democracy is in force, the majority rule, not protecting the minority at all, in fact they can easily trample the rights of others. It is also known as mob rule. The Republic upholds the supreme law, the Constitution, while the Democracy is by the voice of the majority. So, if a mob is chasing a man that they feel is guilty of a crime, they catch and hang him and that is the way things work in a Democracy, but if we lived in a Republic, the single man they are chasing would have the law intervene and there would be a fair trial by a jury of his peers, according to the law, without cruel and unusual punishment and so on, as the Constitution demands.

The U.S. Constitution binds the government from encroaching upon the people, and gives them the broadest of liberty. As the people, we are the employers, and we can fire those that do not limit the government, and allow it to take more and more from us. Our Constitution is in shreds now, and it is up to good people to actively get involved and stand on true principles. We do not vote based upon who is the most popular, or who got the most TV coverage, or who we think has a chance of winning, if we voted for who was for The Constitution, and would listen to the people rather then ignore them, then our vote means something. To vote for those that would increase taxation, war, further loss of liberty, and increased spending when we are a nation in tremendous debt, is to vote for our own slave master to continue to enslave us as the people, rather then vote for our liberty.

Through the media, the game seems fixed, but if more people would simply read the Constitution, and research who they are voting for there would be true restoration of the principles that free mankind. If more people sought to understand the proper role of government, we would have much less of it.

I will be voting strictly on principles this primary and this fall. And I will be voting across party lines for the first time in my life this fall. And the reason why is I got an upclose and personal view of the political insides of this nation, and it is very very sick. A majority of those that currently hold office should be removed by the people, and if the people really understood what has been lost and the continued attacks against them, they would vote them out in a heartbeat. They are distracted though, and that has been part of the plan. Get them all worked up over issues that are not as pressing, get them focused on sitcoms and other tv programs rather then taking part in protecting their liberty, get them to focus on the national election so much, that they forget about their LOCAL elections, and more and more corruption can just be ushered in because they really don't know what they are voting for, or they have left it to a few people who have been active in destroying our nation to be the only ones to cast votes. The local races are MORE important then the national one at this point. It is where YOU can have the strongest influence and the strongest voice, it is where you can protect your liberty the best. If you elect someone that starts encroaching on liberty, you can show up at their door and express to them why you object to what they are doing, you can make certain that they represent all views.

The national game is fixed. I can tell you that is a FACT from my experiences this year through the delegate process. It is not a for the people organization anymore. Which works from the bottom up, it is a centralized organization that has orders sent down from the top. They are told to shut certain people out at all costs (generally those that will support the Constitution). They have the same powerful people go to the same events every year in order to further the same agenda. Both ruling parties right now are the same. They are going the same direction, they are both taking our liberties. The Republican party today is NOT the Republican party of my ancestors. The new platform is a contradiction. It speaks of the Constitution and the Family and all these wonderful things our ancestors give us, but then it changes into a document that NO patriot or our Founding Father's would have ever supported.

Actions speak louder then words, they can promise you the world, but when they give you trash, you know they are giving you garbage and not the world, yet, a majority of voters keep believing what is said and not looking at what they are being given.

I will still support freedom loving, liberty minded Republican candidates, but I will also be voting for Libertarians and Constitution Party members that also believe in these principles. I am an AMERICAN. I am an American before I am a member of any party. And I will vote for any candidate that supports the America my ancestors fought and died for regardless of party.

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A Daily Double said...

We couldn't agree with you more. We are so sickened by the current political situation that we have also started a blog to help spread the message. We applaud your efforts and hope that we can all do something to make a difference for the upcoming election and upcoming generations.