Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Private Online Help For Sexual Addiction Recovery

Harms of Pornography, and Overcoming them

After many years of conducting therapy in their clinics, Candéo’s creators were frustrated by the fact that until they are “caught” or hit rock-bottom, most people will not seek help for pornography addiction or sexual addiction. They also noticed that even those who did come forward, struggled to maintain their initial recovery success for any significant period of time. To address these deeply concerning issues, Candéo was designed to offer a safe, professional and anonymous gateway to getting the change process started and then maintaining progress towards long-term, lasting change.

Imagine what it would be like to begin the process of changing your unwanted behaviors right here, right now—online. Imagine it would cost you less than $50 a month, for 24/7 access to an online recovery community, a live personal coach, and brain-science-based change techniques. Finally, imagine that the program is available anywhere in the world and that it targets difficult-to-change sexual behaviors like—pornography
addiction, constant casual sexual encounters, compulsive masturbation, strained intimate relationships, and other out-of-control, unwanted sexual behaviors.

Sound like the resource you’ve been waiting for? Pioneers in psychology, neuroscience and web technology have joined forces to create a behavioral change tool called Candéo (pronounced Can-day-oh). Candéo is an online behavioral change technology designed to deliver cutting-edge strategies for changing unwanted behaviors—all in the privacy and comfort of the individual’s own home.

How is it done? An engaging and interactive online platform provides individuals with the constant activation and reinforcement the brain needs to break old patterns and replace them with new modes of behavior. This process is carefully structured and designed to work hand-in-hand with traditional counseling and group meetings, or as a stand-alone program.

For details on how the Candéo program can work for you or for someone you love in overcoming unwanted sexual behaviors, visit www.candeohealthysexuality.com.